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I got my Wasted Fett boots last week and followed Spidey's tutorial yesterday. I'm pretty happy with the result, especially considering it was my first attempt. Any suggestions on touchups before I spray the clear coat? These are for my ESB build.


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Wicked Fett

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To start I recommend doing both boots at the same time to insure that the colors match for both boots,,, well Duh.:lol:, and weather on each the same throughout this tutorial.

This next Pic shows the BASE Color that is used to tone down the light color of the boot.
For this I used a Gray mix/or "WASH" of Charcoal and White....
When applying don't be scared to go at it. Again this is the base color and will be lightened again with highlights later.

You can see the difference in color in the PIC below.



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Thanks dude was gonna try dip dying but found your thread… So glad I did it your way.