CA boots delivery time frame


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YaHoo! these thing are awesome. They are like walking on air. very sharp looking. The toe is quite flat. not perfect square, but look right on to me. the gray is a little light, but air brush a little dirt on them and they should be great.

Love them.

worth the wait.


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Sorry guys, left my flash card at work with the pics on them. :( I'll get them uploaded on Monday a.m. asap! (Unless someon else does sooner.)


Got my boots on Friday. They are great. I made some toe spikes and weathered them up nicely. They are looking good. It was well worth the wait. The little glue smuges were nothing. With the weathering on the boots you can't even see those spots on there anymore.


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Here they are!!! The pics were taken outside in the shade, no flash.





Hope they loaded. :)


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They look great in my opinion. The fabric has a slight texture to it and has a slight "sheen". They seem pretty darn close to the originals. I think the actual "fabric" may have been canvas on the originals. Anyone on that??? This has more of a small "mesh" look. The toes are mostly square and the sole seems pretty darn close to the originals. They are extremely comfy! Almost like waking on a sponge. The only thing that I think may be slightly off could be the height of the upper. Don't know how high it went on the originals. They seem high enough though, don't think anyone will have issues. Just stating it for all of the folks who want "dead-on". :)

All in all, I think they are great and can't wait to weather and wear! :)


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I believe the original material was a type of twill fabric, close to a denim. Those aren't a bad alternative, we will see ;)


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Mods, do we now want to merge this now that someone else has posted additional pics? Or should this just "go away"?