C Stallard Design helmets


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What are people's thoughts on his helmets? I've seen a couple of his helmets on Facebook and a review on the RPF.

It is a fan sculpt. It looks pretty good but I'm no expert on Boba Fett helmets or how accurate it is.
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I am not an expert on the ins and outs of the Fett helmet shape so can't speak to Chris's sculpt accuracy. However, I will say he is extremely customer service oriented! In the planning stages, it was mentioned that the helmet would be used for the 501st. Chris hunted down the ESB CRL to make sure everything would be accurate without any mention from me. He then offered to install electronics for the range finder as specified for Level 2. Really like how the range finder battery is accessed too. In short, the helmet is well done by someone very easy to work with. Not meaning to sound like an ad, but am really happy with my C Stallard helmet.


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Thanks for the kind words. It’s always appreciated. ☺️ My helmet is a fan sculpt that I’ve been working on since I was introduced to filler and fibreglass when I joined the automotive design industry in 2004. I must thank Rafalfett and Countdookie for accurate measurements and templates as well as many screen grabs. I’ve been steadily perfecting it over the years. I also acquired an ESB SE cast from minutefett last year for paint and size reference and I would say that my days of fine tuning are complete as far as I can go. I even adjusted the height of the vertical visor strip to be asymmetric like the ESB cast. I only made it as a personal project but I was approached to make some finished helmets in 2020 and it’s snowballed from there. Perfectly coinciding with RS’s aluminium ears.