Building a fiberglass Helmet

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This might be a dump question, but has someone tips how to build a completely new helmet from the base of a DP or a Rubies? I mean to create a larger one by cutting the vinyl helmet in two parts with a saw, taking a mold from them, and trying to elongate the left and the right parts in order to build a larger helmet out of fiberglass ...
I’ve flared my DP and my Rubies, but they’re still too small to be screen accurate ...
How can I enlarge a already taken mold? Must I modify the mold before it’s completely dry and how can I do this? Thanks!


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I would suggest just starting with a completely new sculpt. You will most likely get much better results by doing that. If you look around the helmet section you will find a thread on how the MLC helmet was sculpted.

secol FETT

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agree with krillindb
take the measurements of your helmet
then add just a few milimeters to make more biger
first make blueprints then the sculpt
thats the way
try to scale small things to get experience before expend
to much $$$ :)


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You could always just sculpt right over it, just lay on the clay in a uniform thickness right on top of the helmet.
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