Cyris Smaller Fett-Style Scratchbuild Helmet WIP


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Alright, it's been a while since I've posted on the TDH, so I'm hoping this is the appropriate forum to post about this project.

So I started a helmet build based on the Rafal Works Helmet (RWH) V2 files supplied by Rafal Fett.

Everything has been trimmed and readjusted (with no downscaling) by about 5mm from the bottom along with a lot of other flexible tweaks done all around by hand, and I shrunk the dome base itself by contracting it within by about 1mm from the outside.

My hope is to use this as a plug to create modern Fett-style Mando helmet casts to accommodate smaller head sizes, ideally for women who may be slightly more petite.

Main building construction materials used are poster board and matte board both in 1mm and 2mm sheets. I've translated the templates from paper to poster board and used spray on adhesive to glue a layer of poster board onto a 1mm matte board sheet to start the build.


Just to give a general idea of the slight size difference with the templates wrapped around to preview the shape. The gray helmet cast on the left was made by ToEleven who made his Boba bucket using the RWH files to their full size.



From what I recall the RWH templates used in full might be somewhat close in size to the GMH albeit perhaps a tad wider. So my intention with this build was to go a little smaller than the GMH.


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So after assembling the supports in place along with the trimmed off dome ring, it was time to wrap the inner layer around the "wheel" support structure. Since I was using 1mm matte board as my template layer with poster board glued to it, I actually wrapped the whole layer around in increments. Part of the reason why I didn't wrap everything around all at once was to avoid creating creases in my build around the supports. I didn't picture it at the time, but I used hex dumbbells with a sheet of foam in between points of contact to brace the build in a diagonal fashion as I glued each portion a section at a time, adjusting as needed. Slow and steady and all that. In the end, it worked out pretty well! The support along the bottom of the chin stuck out further than I would've liked, but nothing too bad. I had also done a light bit of pre-cutting along where the keyslot portion will go in the back before wrapping it around.

Next, I had the outer layer mandibles prepped in a similar fashion using 1mm matte board with poster board atop it and had all my markings in place. I did start a little pre-cutting along the T-visor areas as well as the cheeks with about a half inch left connected at the bottom to help keep the overall shape intact while it was wrapped around the inner layer (as shown).

The supports and dome ring were cut out of 2mm matte board to give it more structual rigidity.


The mandibles were wrapped around the inner layer in a similar fashion in single increments using hex dumbbells and foam sheets, as well as a couple of 8-inch wooden supports about half an inch wide in between small clamps along where the mandibles connected. Again, it was all slow going, but it, too, went on fairly well with no creases. I only had to fill in a small portion to connect the rear band. All in all, it also went on fairly well and the placement of the ear sections was about how I liked it!