mandolorian helmet

  1. Deja Fett

    ESB Fett Helmet Painted w/ Mando Color Palette

    Very excited to finally share this project here. I do a lot of what I call, "What If" paint jobs on existed Star Wars Helmets. Canon Helmets reimagined with a different take on what could have been. This is a ESB Fett done with the color palette of The Mandalorian, but staying true to the damage...
  2. GermanRedrum

    Redhea Mando helmet. Thoughts?

    So I was browsing on Instagram and I saw this ad for this company called Redhea REDHEA. The pics of their helmets look pretty good, but $30-$50 for a helmet⁉️ That’s target’s price for the Hasbro toy helmet. anyone know about these guys??