mandolorian helmet

  1. Cyris

    Cyris Smaller Fett-Style Scratchbuild Helmet WIP

    Alright, it's been a while since I've posted on the TDH, so I'm hoping this is the appropriate forum to post about this project. So I started a helmet build based on the Rafal Works Helmet (RWH) V2 files supplied by Rafal Fett. Everything has been trimmed and readjusted (with no downscaling)...
  2. Deja Fett

    ESB Fett Helmet Painted w/ Mando Color Palette

    Very excited to finally share this project here. I do a lot of what I call, "What If" paint jobs on existed Star Wars Helmets. Canon Helmets reimagined with a different take on what could have been. This is a ESB Fett done with the color palette of The Mandalorian, but staying true to the damage...
  3. GermanRedrum

    Redhea Mando helmet. Thoughts?

    So I was browsing on Instagram and I saw this ad for this company called Redhea REDHEA. The pics of their helmets look pretty good, but $30-$50 for a helmet⁉️ That’s target’s price for the Hasbro toy helmet. anyone know about these guys??