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For those of us on somewhat of a budget. I believe either one of these Hunting pellet tips would work just fine! Just cut and sand off the bottom dish, glue or opoxy to the head of a small nail and then slide and opoxy the tip of the nail into a piece of PVC tubing!!!!! EL CHEAPO DARTS! That dont cost 100 big ones!!!!
If you want dangerous looking darts, i know where to find these weird looking pointy metal things i actually used them on my metal gauntlet. I found them at this electronic store which carries thousands of weird tiny-tiny parts which are good for hobbies or costuming. My gauntlet tips may not be accurate but they sure do make a gauntlet look very dangerous[with there pointy design].
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i spent $4 on my gaunt darts.

i picked up a bunch of head phone (2 mm) jacks from a store called axeman in minneapolis. cut them off at the base and you have 2 pieces the point and a cylinder. a little Goop(tm) and a few hours later i have gauntlet darts.
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I'm sure this has been covered before, but what kind of pen is used for the darts? Ive taken apart several pens and none of them seem right.
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the tip is a BIC pen without the writing tip in it, then you pass a rivit through it for the sharp tip, and put the rivit together backwards

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Thats a pretty ingenious idea. Im looking for something for my Jangos and I think Ill try that.

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I used valve stem cores (Walmart auto section) for mine. They conveniently come in a pack of 4! You cut the back off, and remove the spring. This allows the center to slide out of the sleeve. Reposition it with a little epoxy and it's pretty convincing, especially for the price! :D
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I made mine at work during lunch, all four of them in two days. I can't afford those actual awesome machined ones being offered, so I tried my hand on making my own.

All I used was a drill press and a bunch of different metal files and a thin dremel cutting disk for the grooves. I eyed all the measurements (since this was only an experiment).
The measurements are 1.5" x .19" I bought them at a hardware store for $.70 each.
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Man, I should have had YOU machine the ones I'm doing up . . . . would have saved a lot of hassle for good quality darts!!

Nice work!
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Thanks everyone.
And yeah right Ego, these are no comparison to the ones you offer,I think the ones you have are awesome:love!!!

I was just in a creative mood this past couple of days and since gauntlets were on my mind, I had to try my hand in making these.
It took me until the fourth dart (third in the picture)to get a good method for filing. It just took time and patience and of course having all the equipment on hand helped a little;)

(BP, I'll still be shooting you a PM when my stuff from RA gets here.)
I can't wait to get started on my gauntlets!
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WOW:eek: those have to be the best budget darts i have seen:eek:

what did you use though?is that a small diameter aluminum tube/rod or something?
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The aluminum I used is pictured on the right, sorry I forgot what it is called.
I went to the hardware store looking for aluminum rods, but I saw these by the screws/bolts area.
They come paired with a screw that threads on the hollow end, making attaching these pretty easy:D) I think the sizes also varies in from .5", 1", 1.5" and 2" lengths.
Once the flanges are grounded off, all it takes is time shaping, I did use a fine point permanent marker as it was spinning to know where to stop filing.
Do the point first by placing the whole thing in the drill with about .5" sticking out, Then the other angle with about 1" sticking out, then the shaft. Raise the drill press table accordingly.

Note of caution:
You should buy a 2" screw that would thread to the hollow end and cut off the head. Then you can place it in the drill press. Otherwise the aluminum would flatten and you won't be able to get it to spin straight.
I learned the hard way:angry
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Pretty dang cool VD! That was a really great concept of using the drill press & then shaping w/ a file! I think I'm gonna try that! Thanx for the idea :)
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Just finished my homemade gauntlet darts, here is what you need: 4 finishing nails 2" long, i think they are 1/8" wide
small file
dremel tool

1. Cut nails to desired size add 1/4"
2. round off point to desired shape
3. Insert pointed nail(dart) end into dremel end and tighten with wrench, turn dremel tool on and use file to shape your nail(dart). The Dremel tools high revolution and file will create awesome results.

One last thing...please wear eye protection!!!

Good luck!
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Check out these alternative gaunlet darts

My girl forgot her brush the other day and look what I notice.


The bad thing is that it was part of a gift bag with all other stuff in it and she doesnt remember who gave it to her. It doesnt say the name of the brand. But just in case someone is looking for some 3 dollar darts or so. Plus they flex

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hey guys, and gals. i am working on my Boba costume right now, and i am in need of some gaunt darts. here is an idea i thought of. since i am not a pro at making molds, and then forming them with somekind of risen, this is what i thought of....i would take a wooden dowel. a fairly thin one. i would then attach it to my drill press, since i don't have a leight...if thats how you spell it....and take some sandpaper, and basically sand it down to the form i need it to be. has anyone done this before...and if so, how did it turn out. any help, or tips will he GREAT!!! thanks.
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Boy that might be a lot of work unless you have someone to hold the drill. Or did you say drill press? That might work, but might try a knife of sorts intead of sand paper to go quicker, and it has a high chance of breaking. might try small piece of metal and do the same thing and make some out of Aluminmum.

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yea, its a drill press. and, thats why i was going to use sandpaper. hopefully it wouldn't break. i would probably use somekind of chizzle for the indentions. i could have them precut, and stick most of it in the chuck. then, it would be 10X stronger tha having the whole thing stickin out. i am probably going to do it...and...i will let you guys know how it turned out, but...i was just wondering if anyone has tried it.
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Hey, maybe after you get the wood ones done then you could make a mold out of plaster and make some out of melted metal, or plastic of some sort.

just an idea.
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...now...why didn't i think of that. that way they will be all the same. great idea. thanks
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