Bucket paint job!oh fun

Jango silva

Hey my names matt! haha ive been on this site for like 2 years. Well im going to go a head and redo my Jango bucket(rubies). Im only 16 and i dont have the money for anything else. ive already given the bucket a good sand down and am ready to prime. can you guys give me a color scheme and some tips? do you think a medium grey primer is ok for the bucket? ok thanks
ps ill post pics when i start work
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Plasticote sandable grey primer is really a good start

then use krylon royal blue for the darker blue areas and

krylon shortcuts ocean blue for the lighter blues

I painted the silver areas first with duplicolor automotive silver then polished it with silver rub and buff

Thanks for the infor oppi! im still open for suggestions. I think im going to use alclad II for the silver. then dumb it down with something to give it an old metal look. freshly painted alclad is way to shiney.
Im going to the garage to go prime the helmet. ill start posting pics later
Goodluck with that and I would advise picking up some of those painting face mouth cover things kind of like the things doctors use. You can get them at Home Depot and I would guess Lowes and prolly even Wal-Mart. They only cost like $3-5 for a box of 2 or 3, and they will save your lungs.

How much was the Alcad II paint and where did you pick it up?

well i decided to go ahead and scrap the first paint job, but here it is anyway. i found some problems in the helm:( . i also am putting a pic of a crack i found on the right bottom part of the ear. any way to keep this from spreading? well im going to bondo some parts under the visor and such. i had some difficulty getting the Plastic part out where the old visor was. the saw cut some deep scapes out, but nothing i cant fix.after that, then ill re paint it again. PS i know i need to work on the flare in the sides. im waiting till visor time for that. haha im so happy to get this on towards being done. its my birthday present to my self(my bdays today)
bucket front
Bucket side-right
Bucket side-left
Extended crack line
the red is for the line of the crack. it hasnt surfaced on the outside, but its getting there.

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well i fixed the size problem, but you have to view from a link:lol:
nothing ever works out the way i hope! o well work around it.:p
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I like how the rubies Jango buckets can always look good if you put enough work into them! Keep it up! Someone here posted that they used hotglue to fix a crack on a jango rubies, you may want to try that. (hotglue from the inside). Nice work!
Thanks for the idea. i tryed appoxy but it didnt work.thats ok i used the appoxy for securing my hard hat liner anyway. ill try that and then im going to finnish all the touch up areas, then its off to finnal paint! anyone know where i can get a tintied visor? tried walmart and home depot. gonig to try napa tomorrow:lol:
Theres a link somewhere around here for a welders replacement visor that only costs around $5. You have to cut it to fit, but that dosent sound all that hard. For the Hot Glue, Get the "High-Temp" hotglue. I think it holds better, and if your wearing the costume, it won't start falling off and apart like sometimes that happens with regular hot glue. For the link to that site, try PMing Mister_Fett_1975. I believe he knows where to get the visor. He's very helpful. Goodluck fixing that crack!
got the light blue colors painted today(visor, ring around top), im going to do the darker blues tomorrow. will post once im done, bye the way. i know im doing things backwards by not painting the whole helmet silver and then finnishing with blues. long story as to why. but ya i know im doing it weird.lol:lol: well see how it turns out.
Actually I think your doing what most others have done, get the blues down first and then the silver areas, otherwise masking over silver areas can be troublesome, cant wait to see more pics!!!
When i took a second glance. i decided that i realy should sandpaper the helmet again. i found that alot of lines still showed up, so im going to use super fine sandpaper and have the blues done today. hopefuly!:lol: ill post pics in an hour of the light blue.:cheers
ok well today i finished the lighter blue, fixed the crack and taped the light blue(after cureing of course). when i tryed to air brush the darker paint, it spattered all over... tryed using a new air can, didnt work, mabe my needle is messed up. or the paint... dont realy know, its the same brand as my light blue, any ideas?
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