General ROTJ BOBA - Re-painting Armour with UK Sprays.


New Hunter
Inspired by everyone, I've recently picked up a complete Boba Fett set for quite a reasonable price but needing a few mods to make it really stand out. I believe the lineage is BobaMaker fibreglass (around 2 years), and it all seems to be good quality stuff but to my eyes, it needs a good re-paint to make it really stand out.

After hours and hours of investigating, I've decided to paint it using UK spray (rattle-cans) paints from Halfords and the local hobby store as opposed to Humbrol (controversial, I know!). General weathering I'll do with my railway modelling skills and bits, Fine weathering details will be done with a friends airbrush but I don't have the funds to really to invest in a good quality airbrush kit myself. Fortunately I have a lovely painted boba helmet good to go, so the armour bits shouldn't be too complex! All of the paints can be found in the UK easily online or in-stores.

My Painting List for the bits that need work, is as follows:

- Halfords Grey Primer
- Halfords Matt Black
- Tamiya TS-76 Mica Silver
- Halfords Matt Lacquer (depending on size)

- Tamiya TS-46 Light Sand
- Tamiya TS-34 Camel Yellow OR Halfords Filler Primer
- Tamiya TS-56 Brilliant Orange (mist?)

Main Armour:
- Tamiya TS-34 Camel Yellow OR Halfords Filler Primer
- Tamiya TS-78 Field Gray (OR TS-91 Dark Grey??)

- Tamiya TS-93 Pure Blue
- Tamiya TS-34 Camel Yellow OR Halfords Filler Primer
- Tamiya TS-11 Maroon
- Tamiya TS-81 Royal-Light Grey
- Halfords White Primer

The first task will be to take my palm sander to it, and clean off most of the paint before laying down a layer of Primer and silver. My thoughts are the Tamiya Cans are a high quality modelling paint to use and the halfords cans are always superb, never react to anything and work brilliantly.

My main question is, does this paint list look good and which of TS-78 and TS-91 is better to use for the main colour?!?

Ill upload photos as and when I can!