rubies/Disney bucket and some old modelling paints....


New Hunter
hello everyone. Just a quick one - picked up a rubies/Disney fett lid. I know the pros and cons of it but was looking for an affordable display piece I could work on.

Anyway, the plan is to change the t visor and range finder etc and obviously a total repaint.

Not had much time following a separation and pretty arduous shift work - BUT whilst I was pleased with the ‘meat and bones’ of the helmet I couldn’t stand the paint job ha ha - lasted twenty minutes out of the box before I had my paints out.

Anyway - obviously (when I get time) I’m gonna sand and repaint properly - this was just working on the original paint job with a couple of brushes and a can of post night shift beer......and of course isn’t screen accurate just my take - this was simply so I could look at it withought feeling cheated (dreadful factory paint job on original)....