Braided blt source

I haven't heard of anyone making their own from scratch, although I'm sure that someone must've. It looks like it would be more expensive to make your own belt than it would be to find a white girth belt and dye it. Or to get lucky and find one that is close in color. Not easy though, I've been looking.
I first bought single leather stripes, with the intention to braid myself, but that turned out as a fiasko!! :moon
There are members here that got it to work, Mirax H for example.
(Search the forum and find posts you will...;) )

Now I used pre braided leather, and that was great, but exensive as I bought it from a leatherstore here in Sweden ( 100$ per meter :( )
But for me it was worth it!!!
:eek: 100$ per meter???? :eek: :eek:

Incredible! In Germany it's about 5€ per meter, so the whole belt would be about 100€ but only one meter?? Is it goldbreaded leather?
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..i bought my leather stripes from the amound was around ~ 100euro.


How many yards did you guys use to make your belt? I know it's going to vary because of wast size. I'm just wondering if it would be cheeper to just buy the 25 yard roll.
..well i used round aboud 22meter/4mm. i bought them cause the color satisfied me. next belt will be made by 6mm. but first there is no need for an upgrade.

1 meter = 1.0936133 yard
so seems ok to buy fr the source specified...but international orders have to ogo thru a very tidious process. Any one wans to share? And mail the ammount needed to me...
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