Good source of braided bolo found


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Cruzer - how many yards do we need. How many yards did you need for your 36" waist?
Welllll...actually I'm at about 37" now:p, but I ordered the 28 yard quantity and had about 8'-10' of cord left over when I made the 37" girthbelt seen in the pic.

Basically the way I figure out how much I need is get a waist circumference measured with a cloth tape at the navel, add 2" to that length, and then multiply it by the number of rows I want on my girthbelt. Something I should mention is that I did notice that 20 rows of this bolo gave me a girthbelt that was 5.25" wide. On this particular girthbelt, I added an additional row because the wearer is 5'9", and he can always cut off a row if it looks too wide when he actually tries it on.(y)


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I just finished making a belt using this supplier and Im happy to say the results were great.

I used sandpaper to weather the bolo cords before attaching them to the backing.

Chris A.