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My fellow Mandalorians,

How much of a part does the Braided Belt play in the Mandalorian Warrior Persona? Besides the use by both Boba & Jango?

While working out the various costs and design of my Custom, that question just hit me.

Will not having it be a major diaster for me as a Mandalorian? Will I be making/commiting a Mandalorian Crime by not wearing one? Will history as we know it be forever changed by....waitaminute, wrong topic...hehe.

I'd like to hear your personal feedback and opinion. Thanks!

Stay safe.
i dunno much abt them as some pros here, but i do think the onli logical reason here is that the belt some what serves as a kind of "wrap" as thos weight lifters wear to prevent back strain.

so it some how allows the mandalorian to be able to do more strenuous stunts or positions wif out worry too much about popping his back.

i think missing it out due to time contraint is not as bad as not having a blaster or right shoes...
Ok, I'd like to preface this by saying that this is as much a querry to whether I have the concept down, as my opinion/answer to your question.

The Journetman Protector Sash (braided belt) is awarded to a Mandalorian warrior upon acheiving a certain rank or experience level. Like a badge or certificate of completion in JourneymanProtector-ision.

I wouldn't think it holds any practical need, as much as a prideful display of honor.

Am I close?
Dead on. The JMP Sash is a rank indicator. The Journeyman Protectors were/are the "keepers of the peace", they're the law. So if your custom is gonna be a JMP, you need it. if it's just a grunt, it'd be a bad idea to wear it.
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