Boushh Boushh Helmet WIP


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This is probably something all of you know, but i thought id mention it.

Ive seen artists when I was in school build things out of cardboard (non corrigated) stock.

They then spray a watered down (or paint on) wood glue on it. It hardens it. A couple of coats and its REALLY HARD. It would work very well for a base for resin/bondo.

I love watching these. But you better wear a mask when you sand that bad boy:)


Thanks folks!

Im beginning to see this as a challenge rather than a disaster... I'll be slow with the updates but promise to document and post them. Might be some help to someone!

Thank you all again!



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Good point, thanks Storm'. ;)

I used the same glue for the card construction of my Mando lid. It works a treat especially if you laminate card together as I did to thicken the card.

I'd still recommend fibreglass though to toughen it further.

Looking forward to those updates Dave. ;)


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This is the thread that made me join this forum and begin researching and preparing for my new found hobby! Thanks Skip (and darn you Skip at the same time lol) Can't wait to get stuck in, this community seems great and very helpful looking forward to starting my first project with this helmet. Already PM'd you Skip about buying some of your pepakura files! Can't wait to see a finished version of this too.



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What ever happened to this guy? I'm in need of the boushh pep and he doesn't seem to be active anymore. I haven't been able to find the pep anywhere else. Can anyone help me out here?