Boushh Boushh Helmet WIP


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Hey guys,

For those who have seen my Royal Guard helmet WIP, you know that I create a 3D model of the subject, then use papercraft software called Pepakura to unfold that model to give me 2D parts. Very similar to WoF templates.

Well, I'm working on another helmet now for a friend who wants a Boushh helmet for his wife in time for Halloween.

I'm basing it of various photos I have as there are no plans or blueprints that I'm aware of. So far I think it's shaping up well, let me know what you guys think.

I'm just staring to place everything and get the positioning down before going back over it to tidy it all up.


I'll update as I go along. Thanks. :)


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If your friend isn't too worried about accuracy, you sure must ;) Great looking work there, just out of curiosity, how much does that software cost?


Hey Skip..

Try not to make the Poly count to high!! that way you got less stuff to fold!! Heck I can smooth it out for ya in pep and still keep the poly low! But good job on the designs so far!


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Thanks guys, Glad ya like it.

Yeah the software is free for a slightly limited version. Though for this purpose the free version is enough. I have the full version though as I design papermodels too.

WetOkole, nice to see ya here buddy! I'm keeping it pretty low. I'm keeping an eye on the buildability of it. ;)


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Looking great! I look forward to seeing this one too, and building it, if you post this one as well. I checked out your blog the other day. Not to hijack this thread but, Is the anubis mask on there life sized as well? If so I'm gonna have to build it too. What better piece for an embalmer than the Egyptian god of embalming.


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LOL! Indeed! That would be an appropriate costume. :)

Yeah, that ones on the list but I've not started it yet. The model pictured on my blog isn't my work but the creator has kindly llowed me to use it as reference and as a base for my own model. When that one's done I'll adapt it for the Horus guard too. To answer your question, yes. That one will be a lifesize too. ;)

Thatnks for visiting my blog buddy! It's been getting quite a few visitors lately. I'm glad you're one of them.


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Glad to be one of them. With the amount of interest in pepakura growing, I would imagine that the number of visitors will just keep going up.

If you need more reference for this project check with The Boushh Builders Group. You may have already been there, but there might be some folks there that can help out if you havent.


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Thanks very much! :)

I'm getting closer now, I've been cleaning up the front and started to join it all up. I'm working my way around the back now too.

There are people who could model this better then me for sure but I'm keeping the fact that this has to be buildable at the end of the day too so compromises have to be made. Fortunately I'm managing to keep them to a minimum.

Here's another pic:


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This program looks like it will help me build the costume for my kid. Question though, I downloaded the LE(free) version of this program, and also have the free version of PepakuraViewer2. How would you save the 3D file in Metasequoia as, so that it can be opened and printed out in Pepakura? It says the free version doesn't export to 3DS or OBJ. I'm really new to costume building. Thanks.