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I purchased some black boots that looked similar to fett's (so I thought) and there's a big problem, the toe is somewhat pointed....

any suggestions on how to do the flatbar symetrically? Or anyway to make it look good?



hmm... perhaps opening the toe upp, remake the toe using sintra or what ever and then filling the toe with epoxy putty or chemical metal...??
I going to do something similier to the boots i bought (hopefully) i bought then a couple of sizes to big and I'm going to basically just chop the front off to get the squared toe anf then just build them back up. That's the plan anyway, haven't actually put it into practise yet though
Simply adding a flat aluminum bar that is squared in front can go a long way to making the toe appear squared off.


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Hmm.. i like the TK409's idea.. and you can always fill in the gap between the bar and shoe with epoxy putty or chemical metal..
Thanks for the advice TK-409.. can always count on you for an effective simple answer. =) I'll try that soon and see if it makes it appear any better... right now it's pretty pointed.... to one side :lol: THanks!

Josh L.
Well, here it is... my 90% completed boba fett boots... i'm going to add some more paint and reatach the spike that fell off =) This time i'm using superglue!

The picture makes the boots look worse than they really are... it brings out my mistake no doubt. I accidently got some paint on the front line and then had to go over it with black paint, which shows up real well in the picture =p

Anyway, for a first pair, with pointed toes and going off a picture, i'd say they look ... still pretty crummy :lol:

Josh L.

Edit* The aluminum flatbar I bought... I don't believe it's aluminum..i had to hand saw it to get the right length because the metal blade for the jigsaw went flat then I had to clamp it to the work table and beat it with a hammer...:lol:

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