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Iam thinking of using this game peg for my boot darts, what do you think!

D peg

The grooved area will be covered with opoxy glue only the tips of the pegs will be visable.
Well of course they're not 100%, but I think they'd certainly work :) How will you attach them? From the inside or just attach them to the outside? If you could work the angle from the inside I think they'd do just fine :)

I used nylon bolts for mine. There in the drawers at Home DePot in the bolts/nails aisle. Use a good hand held pencil sharpener to add the point. I just drilled holes in my boots and epoxied them in.
I used the pen tips from Dr. Grip pens. Not exactly perfect either, but they don't look bad for a found item.
I'm using pen tips on my scratchbuilt boots, too. the pegs, above, aren't 100% accurate, but do look pretty cool.

Quite long though, careful you don't trip up on them, or gouge your/someone else's leg! :eek:

Depending on what your soles are made of, you could drill into them to sink them back a bit, then epoxy them in. They'd then be pretty firm, and not stick out too far.

Just my 1.26 pence worth (£/$ conversion).

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