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Hey all,

Every once in a while a board member really comes through and it deserves to be known by the other members. Generally, when a costume is being built up a fitting is necessary to get it right...well, unless you can stop in on Bobamaker in person you will need to do everything via email. I ordered all of the soft parts that Bobamaker produces and it was my responsability to get the measurements to him. Let me tell you folks, he nailed it!! Not one piece is too large or too small, the whole suit fits like a glove. I am amazed, I have gone to fittings that required adjustments along the way, this whole project was sight unseen and turned out beautifully. Rest be sure, if you are on the fence with having a flight suit and vest built up Bobamaker is your man! Just wanted to share:) Rock on!!

cheers for that, You've just convinced me to go with Bobamaker on my flightsuit and vest. :cheers . I had just about made my mind up in his favour, but you've just pushed me over line.
Good to hear, you won't regret it. I like my set up so much I don't know how to go about weathering it. I guess that I will just have to dive into it and hope for the best. Anyway, be sure to give very good measurements, he works with you on that so no worries there. What version are thinking of going with? I went with ROTJ. That said, my suit will actually be a mix of both ESB and ROTJ, kind of transisition look:) The color of the armor will be ESB but my cape is ROTJ and the flight suit is ROTJ. Oh yah, and the blaster is ESB. Hope all goes well, keep us posted.

I'm going for the RTOJ look as i prefer the cloak/cape and the gauntlets. I'm having trouble with the measurements as I've lost my tape measure. Might have to go buy a new one. Will try to keep you updated.
I've approached Bobamaker about making me a flightsuit for my custom Mandalorian, which he says is no problem. Add to that several other exellant items I've purchased from his site recently (including a T-visor) and I agree he's definatly worthy of praise.
I am currently waiting on a full ESB suit from Bobamaker. It wont be available until the new year though. The anticipation is killing me!
Just got an ROTJ Bucket from Bobamaker, took about 4 months, but well worth the wait! Communicates very quickly via e-mail if you have questions.
I received my ESB painted helmet earlier this year from Bobamaker and all I can say is it is awesome! His ESB paint jobs are amazing! Turn around time was about 4 months, but well worth the wait. I highly recommend Bobamaker as well.
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