Any smaller guys (5'6") with BobaMaker armor?


I am 5'6", 140lbs and am still researching the different armor options. I know Wasted Fett, Minute Fett and Imperial Outpost/Moncal all offer smaller armor for people 5'8" and smaller. I also asked BobaMaker about his armor on a smaller person and he said he has provided plenty of armor to smaller people and they just adjust the placement on the vest. I know BM's stuff is top notch and highly recommended and am just wondering if anyone here has experience with his armor on smaller frames. And how much difference does the under 5'8" armor make? I have also read that BobaMaker's gauntlets are on the large size compared to others but does that mean it would look out of proportion on me?

Thanks in advance!


I have boba maker chest armour and am also about the same height as you. As Daz mentioned vest placement and sizing are what make it work.