Bobafettish & Rogue Studios Fabric Wash Question?


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Has anyone washed that fabric yet? I already have my vest sewn together. Now I would like to wash it for the first time to get rid of the stiffness of the vest. Is this fabric ok to wash in normal cycle?

Thanks guys.

TK Fett

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I have not but I believe it BF said you could wash it normally but I would try it by itself in cold water first.
And also it Rouge Studios, Squadron is the X-Wing fleet.
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I have not washed mine yet. I don't think hand washing it would do any harm to it as it's real use involves it being machined washed. I just would let it air dry as a dryer may cause it to shrink.

I believe that Brak's has washed his before, so maybe he could answer this question for you. I can tell you that you do NOT want to get bleach on it unless you want it to turn pink.


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I know this may come a little late, but it would've been better to wash the material a few times BEFORE sewing it together. Most of the shrinking will occur in the first few washings.

If you've already sewn it, cold water and hanger-dry are your best options.


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Thanks guys. I didnt really think this material woulve shrink. I'm just gonna hope for the vest. And if it does shrink, I think i have enough material to make onather vest :D


Rogue Studios

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Wash the hell out of it and Dryer the hell out of's almost the toughest material on the planet it doesn't even bleach.


Got Maul

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bah, ! Forgot to prewash before sending it to heidi !!!! its okay, I will just handwash and hang dry...besides, its all about WEATHERING !!!