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Hello people,

I'm Kr1s, the #bobabuilder. Once I've seen the return of Boba in Mandalorian s02 I decided that I must make it mine. One can search for #bobabuilder on Insta for my WIP photos and such. I had tons of help from "Boba Fett - The Mandalorian Series - Costume Group" on fb, I'm sure many of you are members there as well.

One of the best things happened to me in 2021, when Shawna Trpcic commented "Well done." on my photo of the armor. :love:

I think I've found great people and very helpful great community in these parts...


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Welcome to TDH, Kr1s. Excellent work on the Fett costume! It’s great to see a Magyar on the board. I just went to Hungary a few weeks ago so I could finalize all of my citizenship paperwork.