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Hey evrybody,
Boba Fett is my first costume, I know I should have picked something a bit easier but he's my favorite character. Anyways, I just have a few more details and then it is complete. My main concern now is his left gauntlet for ESB, I'm not sure what to use to create the metal, sometimes it looks like a combination of a tattoo gun and an airchuck, other times a frappachino stir thingy. I would like it to be cannon so i can join the 501st so I don't want to go out on a limb and I'm sure that these guesses are wrong, so if anyone has some ideas I would be over joyed to hear them. Thanks

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Hey Greg!

I think your refering to part of the flame thrower unit, but not sure, maybe you could post a pic with a "Callout" on it so people can provide you with an accurate response.(y)
I have an extra ESB flamethrower by ruffkintoy. It's all painted and ready to go, it went on a custom built gaunt of mine that I have long replaced with a real ruffkin set.
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