Boba Fett's chest light - movie accurate sequence?


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Howdy y'all. ;)

Well, several members both here and on the RPF have purchased the FettLights designed last year. And one question comes up from time to time ... between the 2-stage and 3-stage options, which display sequence is "movie accurate". I personally have never been able to SEE the sequence on-screen. The sequences I programmed are based on what some of the more knowledgeable Fett fans have given me.

So, I defer to the group ... which is more movie accurate in YOUR opinion, 2-stage or 3-stage?


This absoutely can't be proved unless we had a working model from the movie. There are several scenes in which it APPEARS that there are no lights in the bottom slot which would make the stage 3 more correct but then again, we just may not have been able to see the lights in the bottom slot due to angle/glare.
Thanks for the compliments guys, and the input BB (I was counting on you to chime in). ;)

I know others have asked this question before purchasing lights, and I sent them your way for an answer. However, I have never written down the suggested answer (or tracked the responses to the order). So, I figure I'd get an answer here and jot it down this time, or link back to this, one or the other.

Other than the couple I'm doing right now, it may be a moot point. As stated on the RPF, sales on these have died down, so I may not be ordering any more etched boards. But if interest picks up down the road, I'll do them again. :) I just can't justify ordering a few boards at a time ... way to much cost on my end for that.

Anyway, thanks for the input, and keep 'em coming if anyone else has an opinion on this. The characters used were based on a general consensus ... I'd like the "as near movie accurate as possible" decision to be done the same way.


After going frame by frame in the Carbon chamber from a DVD of ESB, I have to say that it strongly appears that there is a stage where no lights are lit on the bottom row. You can see when a bottom light is lit, and there is a second or two where there is no light.

Again though, like Brak's said, unless we have working model from the film we are still making an educated guess.
Not making them anymore? So does that mean I'm too late? :(

For what it's worth, I've tried watching myself and felt the stage 3 was pretty danged accurate.

Sigh... I didn't want to say this but I have found another set of characters....

I just haven't had the energy or taken the time to try to decipher them.

Don't stop doing them yet!!! I've finally taken the steps to do a Boba, gotta have your lights!!

I'm building up a warchest to do Boba as accurate as I can, so pul-eeze don't hang up your lights just yet!!!


While I am going for accuracy, whatever set you have will be just fine with me!

Now, if I can just make a firm decision between ESB and ROTJ...


take care,

Doh!! Pick those feet up soldier!! If we have the wrong characters on our chest-lights, we could be displaying something silly and humiliating like "I wear this armor because I have man-boobies."

Brak's Buddy wrote:Sigh... I didn't want to say this but I have found another set of characters....

I just haven't had the energy or taken the time to try to decipher them.
Brak's Buddy wrote:Sigh... I didn't want to say this but I have found another set of characters....

I just haven't had the energy or taken the time to try to decipher them.

You WOULD find another reason to go in and play with the firmware ... :p

I just wanted to say, for those who planned on buying them down the road, I'm not trying to drum up interest by claiming that this is the end of the lights ... not at all. I posted on the RPF that I'm almost out, and interest has died down. So, I have 2 up for sale (one at sale price now) to raise some quick cash for my kids' Halloween costumes.

Now, as far as down-the-road sales, what I was saying is that I'll have to have a handful of interested buyers before ordering any more boards. If I buy them in small numbers, MY they cost is $20 each just to have etched. The normal selling price on these is based on my bulk order of boards, which ran about half that cost. So again, I'm NOT asking anyone to panic, or sell something to buy a set in a hurry. I can do more down the road ... they'll just have to be ordered as a batch or something. As long as people out there want these, I'll try to make them available. I like being able to give back to the prop community. This board is about all I can contribute ... for now. ;)

{as the Imperial March starts in the background}

Thanks again,


Well, I see that I have your attention now! LOL, but seriously...This is my first step of organizing a group of buyers for the Chest Display. I'm as well interested in this set, but I see it really difficult if i do it by myself. I'll be posting another threat in general for the ARMOR to have the attention for everyone. If anyone interested, just drop me a note or PM me.

BTW...Tyler...I'd probably need your help here. PM me for details and to discuss about this. I know, and The Force is telling me that a lot of people are looking forward for this.
I've heard that RA's lights are made by Shackman. I'm not sure for how much RA sells them, and if he told me, I forgot. But anyways, I have to talk to both to see what can we do about i said, i'm trying to make the first step, and it won't be easy. The reason for this is to be fair with everyone and all will be beneficial in one way or another.

RA and Shackman, please PM me about this topic to see what can we do.

Stay tuned for more info soon.
Should not be that difficult. Just email RA directly. The man must sleep on top of his computer b/c he usually replies in less than 12 hours, 24 tops.
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