Boba Fett star Jeremy Bulloch in Darlington UK on Sat 14th March


New Hunter
Hi there, my name is Andrea and I run a memorabilia shop in Darlington, I am having the rare opportunity of meeting the legend Jeremy Bulloch this weekend and really, really looking forward to it.....Information on our event is as follows:-
The star who played "Boba Fett" the bounty hunter from Star Wars will be in store at the Cornmill shopping centre in Darlington on Saturday 14th March. Jeremy Bulloch has appeared in Dr Who, three James Bond movies and was made most famous for his role as the Bounty Hunter "Boba Fett" from Star Wars.
On the day of the signing there will be a live Radio broadcast, characters include a Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Stormtroopers to keep the rebels in line. The last Star Wars event was massive and any Star Wars celebrity is sure to bring in hundreds of people from outside of the area.
There will be a selection of Boba Fett and Star Wars posters, Jeremy's autobiography, rare and original Star Wars Collectable Boba Fett figures, Headknockers, lightsabers and Boba Fett canvas art available on the day of the signing.
Signing will start at 10am till 4pm, if you don't want to have anything signed then please feel free to come and meet a Star Wars icon, take some photos and have some fun with the Star Wars characters for the day.....May the Force be with you....