GIPHY integration

Art Andrews

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Facebook has GIFs, texting has GIFs, and now... TDH has GIFs!

Some people love them. Some people hate them. No matter how you feel, animated GIFs are another way to express yourself and get your feelings across.

Want to add an animated GIF to your next post?

There is a new GIF button to the rich text editor menu bar. When you click the button you will get a list of the latest trending GIFs. You can also search. As you scroll through the list of GIFs will automatically load more results.

Need more help? This video should make it clear.



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It's working!
Animated GIF


Star Wars Reaction GIF by Disney+

Typically not a Fan of Gifs.
Star Wars GIfs are cool.
I expect the esteemed clientel of this here site to abstain from the type of Gifs that made me not like them.
Lets choose tasty stuff instead, like this slightly puzzled Mando here above :)