Boba Fett ESB Helmet Paint Stencils

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Helmet' started by Rich D, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. movieprop

    movieprop New Member

    Wished I'd found the DH sooner. Threads like these are awesome. Thanks a million for sharing these stensils.
  2. pitcrew

    pitcrew New Member

    awesome work
  3. vobio

    vobio New Member

    I see you need PRR green for some parts, couldnt find that, but did find PRR Brunswick Green, is that the same color?
  4. kyvader

    kyvader New Member

    these are too cool thank you so much
  5. malefett

    malefett New Member

    yeeeeehaaaaa thanx for the stencil work!!!!
  6. mk1design

    mk1design New Member

    Very useful thanks
  7. R2Dan

    R2Dan New Member

    That's amazing work... makes a daunting task a little less daunting, yet still daunting enough... err... thanks for these! :D
  8. sabs

    sabs New Member

    I know it might be kinda cheating, but I mean, if you can't paint all that well, it would be really great to have these printed out on vinyl stickers at like a sign store and stick them onto a helmet and heat gun out the wrinkles. But then you'd have to colour match the greens for the domes.
  9. MosesBarton

    MosesBarton New Member

  10. BH-51512

    BH-51512 Member

    Question: Would these templates work for a ROTJ helmet if I omit the ears and change the color of the kill stripes?
  11. Raizo Fett

    Raizo Fett Active Member

  12. BH-51512

    BH-51512 Member

  13. Bulvoy

    Bulvoy New Member

    These are Fantastic stencils awesome share
  14. EvanDallas

    EvanDallas Jr Member

    *bumpin this old thread

    Could someone link me any tutorials on how exactly to use stencils to help airbrush/paint? I'm thinking of using transfer paper.
  15. Magnavis

    Magnavis Jr Member

    Check this out

    has a boba paint job on there which shows you technique.
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  16. EvanDallas

    EvanDallas Jr Member

    Thank you Mag!
  17. CaptainCrunch

    CaptainCrunch New Member

    I've noticed there are stencils addressing important areas of dome damage like the scratch and dent, but is there a full separation file for the dome , especially the back of the dome above the back panels?
  18. Big Game

    Big Game Jr Member

    These are fantastic! I think I might tackle painting my own bucket now.

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