Ammo Belt Boba Fett Ammo Belt weathering help

Mando Comando

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Hey everyone!

I'm almost done with making the finishing touches on my Boba Fett costume, but I had one question. I need to weather the ammo belt as shown for the Special Edition ROTJ Boba CRL for the 501st. My problem is it's not real leather It's pleather/faux leather. So it's not like I can buff out the areas to make them weather so I'm thinking I might have to paint them in with a white /cream colored enamel. Is that the way to go or is there a more photo realistic way to accomplish this?



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I say go with the painted weathering look. Also the ROTJ SE has 14 ammo pouches vs the 8 ROTJ have:
ROTJ SE 14 Ammo Pouches.jpg

Mando Comando

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Easiest way to achieve this is paint it topically and weather it using sand paper. I used a mix of 80-180 and model masters flat white acrylic.

Any flat white paint would work though.

Here is my vinyl belt made from woodman and stained by a Bcurtis
Thank you. Never thought to use sand paper but that's a great idea. Fine grit? Around the 200-300 range?