Boba Als Finshed ESB FETT

Boba Al

New Hunter
Well here it is finally!! minus a the side arm (only recieved it yesturday thanks chuck, and these photos were taken on the weekend).

Its made up of BM (vest, armour, flight suit) , ruffkin (gauntlets + darts, JP, side arm) , caboots (boots), Marrow sun helmet (Darthmiller paint job), MLC EE-3, Frank and son (JP becon and stabilzer) and and Ebay seller of ammo belts Jon. If i missed anyone sorry.

I would like to thank my brother and his girl friend for all the help in tweeking this costume with me (she helped take in the vest etc). I would like to thank all the suppliers of the various parts of the costume they are all super suppliers of star wars props and i would highly recommend them to anyone!! I would like to say how much of an awesome paint job Jas (darthmiler) has done on his helmet he sold to me i really makes the costume look the part thanks Jas.

As per usual i can never say this is finished because we all continuosly upgrade and update or costumes..... hmm i think i might add al little more weathering to the flight suit;)

So heres some pics: more pics to come of the various angles of the costume:






Doh i knew id missed someone well as Fab has mentioned a lovely set of shin tools and boot spikes to go with the costume thanks for that mate!!!
Oh no the Zam and other custom mando are a daughter and wife of one of our garrsion members hehe hehe but if you meant it in the way of the mandos together ehhehe:lol:

Thanks for the kind comments guys!! its taken a while to finish it but finally there!
8) Great job Boba Al, thats one of the best looking ESB suits I've seen . . . ESB rules (y)

How long did it take you to reach this point? Must have taken a long time and effort but it must all be worth it when you see it all together. Im itching to put together a full ESB suit myself but the thought of how much it would cost it stoping me a the moment lol.
Thanks guys it is a very good feeling to finally get this suit put together and on for a troop. of course there are mods to do and all but thats what always happens. If anyone would like to know anything about how i put the suit together please PM me id be happy to share it!

Thanks once again for all your kind comments!
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