Blaster Stock End Plate.......

Jedi Bob

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I know, I tried making one but the metal I was using was too hard to work with. I still plan on adding a butt plate though.


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That reference is a resin copy. All the details are 'real' model parts, but the gun is a copy in white resin, so all the details are painted on. The 'reel' one may have a metal buttplate, maybe not. ( it aluminum or painted black? )


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According to Brak's Buddy and Tylerdurden, I believe that this blaster from the MoM exhibit, was a Fiberglass/resin cast blaster, molded from the original one. The big question remains if this blaster was created exclusively for the MoM exhibits, or were casted for filming in ROTJ in some of the sequences (Jabba's Palace for example).