BKBT Chest Armor Run


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Alas! My thread in the Cargo hold has been purged so I'll repost the info here. This is what your kits look like out of the box, rough trimmed, with a coat of primer.

These kits have been shipped:

Capt Jono Tracking #EE 051 607 761 CA
Jango Newbie #CX 170 192 645 CA
Slavefive #CX 171 932 192 CA
ZXwing #CX 170 192 680 CA
Foxbatkllr #CX 171 932 215 CA

Go to http://www.canadapost.ca/segment-e.asp to track your package.

SW Freak #CX 177 281 438 CA
OLGFETT # CX 177 281 248 CA
Jango Uri #CC 085 650 018 CA
Adm Francis #CC 085 650 035 CA
Buckeye_01 #CX 177 281 265 CA

Two packages will be sent out Saturday & the remaining will be sent out by the end of next week.






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That was quick! Hurry up & get those babies trimmed & Rub n Buffed! As far as the tracking #s go, they are more like Delivery Confirmation #s. You won't see an update until it goes out for delivery & gets delivered. This is the best service offered unless using a courier:facepalm

The remaining armor sets will be sent out this week.


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1 Quick question: do you think the Armor needs another coat (or 2) of primer before sanding? Or to ask it another way, the primer you applied, is it a thin or thick coat?
Cheers Jono!!


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I would wetsand down the coat of primer with 400 grit sandpaper, apply another coat of primer & wetsand again for the best finish. The pieces were pretty smooth when I molded them up but the smoothest finish is best for rub n buff. I also found another trick that you can use if you see sanding scratches after r n b. Brush on a coat of Future floor wax, once this is dry you can lightly sand again, but don't use water. The floor wax will fill minor scratches & is self levelling so it will leave a pretty smooth finish.