best way to attach armor to vest

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i want to know because the way i heard from a friend to use snaps sounds too complicated,while velcro would be alot easier....but i want advice...i even heard magnets as on possibility...but hey i always need advice!
I just went to Joe Ann fabrics and picked up a roll of industrial strength Velcro and Voila I have already worn mine out in the sun with no running
Snaps are actually pretty simple; all you need is some epoxy to attach it to the armor. The rest of what you need to do should be on the back of the package of snaps.

My advice? Go with both snaps and velcro. It pays to have double the strength.
Buy these snaps, available at Micheal's in the the leather section.

Here are the instructions, follow these rules, and you will succeed.

Use a piece of plastic, I used ABS, drill a hole in it, and attach the male snap.

I then glue it to the armour, I used the ABS glue that came with my TK suit.

I then cut a small hole in my vest and attach the female snap.

Behold!! Armour holds. Be sure to let the glue dry for at least a day before you attach anything.
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