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Thank jesus, thank Krishna, thank Allah and thank Buddah!

Now you are with the ranks!

Welcome aboard my friend. What state are you in? I am in Georgia

and the membership here is more than double from what it was last year!


Skalen Fehl

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Bloodfin, eh? So you live in Indiana, I presume? I have a friend that lives up in the northern area who has kidney problems and will be in the hospital in Indianapolis about a mile away fromt the CIII convention center during the event. I'm planning on visiting him. Perhaps your garrison can visit him with me and some of my garrison mates in costume. He's a huge fan and would do the costume and garrison/convention thing if he could. You guys could take him under your wings. Let me know what you think.

By the way, I'm DZ and TK4246, soon to be TD and BH once my Jango is done. I'm with the Alpine Garrison.

Skalen Fehl

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Buddha, you still up for the hospital visit? The Alpine Garrison is planning on visiting him. It would be great to transition him to your garrison. He'll be glad to know there's one in his area.