Basic Aluminum Tutorial page...

Very interesting article MM, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

I know I'm not alone in really looking forward to seeing your completed helmet. The fact that it's made by hand - rather than cast - out of aluminum is very impressive.

Now, does anyone have any instructions for welding or brazing aluminum? ...just in case epoxy isn't wanted in a particular area.


Steve. Welding and brazing are two different systems.

Welding actually melts the material into one piece (I am referring to open-flame, oxy-acetylene welding with the two tanks). If a rod is used, it is usually of the same material.

Brazing is basically soldering using brass as the material being melted to join the two other pieces of metal. In brazing, like soldering, the brass is not melted by the flame, but rather by the metals being joined. They have been heated to the point of melting the brass when it is applied to them. This would warrant the two metals being joined to have a higher melting temperature than the brass. This being said, aluminum has a lower melting point than brass.

There are a couple products out there that are designed specifically for joining aluminum through heat. It works kind of like welding, but in a soldering sense. The trick to all of this with the aluminum(and regular brazing and soldering) is the special flux used. Flux cleans the area being joined and removes the oxidation from the surface; ensuring a clean and strong adhesion.

Try this special stuff out on some scrap first. It's a bit tricky. You can find it at Home Depot with the solders etc.

Hope this helps, and sorry for being too long winded. :(
Outstanding M3! Really addresses the questions I had after your quick explanation in the other thread!
Thanks, KrOnk. I actually had clearing-up that vaguely oversimplified description in mind when I set this up. Figured I'd done more to confuse you than to help you :) . Glad it's a bit clearer now. Hope you can use this for your Jango codpiece.
How would a person go about affixing one end of a metal button to the back of aluminum plate without welding or soldering?

Hmmm....I would first think of using an attachment like a bolt or screw. If this is unacceptable, then I'd try a product like JB Weld. Scuff both areas to be joined with sand paper or the sanding attachment(drum, disk, etc.) on your Dremmel. Roughing it up will create a kind of metallic "velcro" that will lock into the compound.

Put a lil bit on each side and stick the two together. JB Weld will remain workable for a long time, but it's best to get it right quickly, then let it sit overnight.

Y'know, I used a combination of both techniques for attaching my armor. It's in my really boring webpage that I linked in a thread in "armor", under something about MMM's armor or something. Maybe that could give you an idea too.

Lemme know if this helps.
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