Barbie Fett: soft parts progress---Skirt pictures up!


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If I don't post about it, I won't get anything done. So here goes:


Made with Simplicity #9806, cropped at the lengthen/shorten lines.

Spent much of my Valentine's evening taking out the zipper in back. The material I used is stretchy enough that I can just pull it over my head. I'm going to alter the back seam when I so it up again to make it a little more fitted.

Up next: the grey "skirt," because I already have some costume suede for that. Should be able to do that Monday.

MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

Ooo-ooo, I have visions of pigtails poking out from under the helmet! I love the look!
Yeah I knew it...MMM is still not over female Fett Clone # 2 ( the one with the hair coming out just underneath the helm).:lol:

StormTrooperPrincess, keep it going! Bring Barbie Fett to life!(y)
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MMM's got his eyes focused elsewhere! :)

Nice lookin' work SP . . . I say again . . the best damn lookin' board on the net. :D

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We may want to get MMM a bib. Either way great work STP. Cant wait to see the final product.
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It's not so much that my eyes are focused elsewhere as they are focused on someone else. You animals knock it off now :p :lol: .

Hey, Princess. Does this mean there is no jumpsuit? I'm getting curious about this. This doesn't look like the makings of a Femme Fett like BKBT's impressive outfett for his wife. Or maybe I can't visualize it yet. Did I miss a drawing or cartoon somewhere where the basic look was outlined? This is a most refreshing alternative to the Fett community IMHO. Please keep us posted.
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D'uh! I only needed a bit of public self-embarrassment, and a good kick in the head by you, Princess, to remind me of that thread. What in the heck was I thinking (or rather, NOT thinking)?
Thanks for the wake-up and reminder Princess. Yeah, that'd be a great look.
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awsome, like this dude said i dont see were its going, but mabe its cause im used to bkbt's wifes Feme Fett costume, but hey you could have something great instore for that costum. keep it up!

"A good bounty hunter allways gets the job done.or else he becomes the hunted"
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Click the link above and see how the costume is gonna look. That's where it's goin
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The sides just snap together. I can't decide if I want to make side "flaps" to fill in the space or not. (As an added bonus, the other skirt I made this weekend: )

And for all you people who think I'm making BKBT's femme Fett version, I can't believe y'all forgot what the lavender and yellow design looks like! For shame. ;)

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Hey StormtrooperPrincess I like the skirt and I would definatly go with out the flap on the side, definatly no flaps. It will allow for more ventilation so you dont get hot yeah thats it so you dont get hot.

Im just kiddin but really im sure it will look good with or WITHOUT the flaps. I like the other skirt too looks like it fits right in with all the stuff you see in the stores today.

Keep the pics coming.
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