balaclava/cowl question/mystery


New Hunter
Hi everyone, it's great to hear the hood being discussed. Thank you to Ord Mantell (Eric), Funkyred/Killstrpe (Elliott) for showing off my progress so far. More photos can now be seen on my Website or Facebook page.

Just to let you know where I am up to. From the feedback I have received so far I am able to offer an ESB blue cowl, a ROTJ grey version and a Super Trooper white version. The cowl will be offered with a complete tubular neck, should you wish to roughly cut it down the centre front as can be seen in some of the images you will be able to do so. Prices available on request.

Once again thank you for the feedback. It is always welcome. This project has proved to me that there are always other images out there that I still haven’t seen, no matter how large my current stock of images.