Attaching Flamethrower part from Radioshack?


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Hello anyone,everyone,someone that can help :)

I have just received my Ruffkin gauntlets and Im working through everything,painting,drilling,sanding,etc.

I have purchased the part "Premium PL-259 UHF-Type Coaxial Connector" from my local Radio Shack.I have seen in the forums how others have purchased the same part for use as the flamethrower on their did everyone attach theirs? Im stuck :facepalm and could really use the help in this area.


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I cut of the ripped part of Ruff´s resin part. Then I dremeld of 1 mm around the coloms and about 10mm deep, just enough to screw on the outer shell of the UHF part.

I hope this makes sense :)
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that's what i did too... cut off the tip of the resin part, sanded down the remaining piece until it would fit inside the coax connector, then glued the coax connector on.


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I used a piece of wood about the same size as the resin piece, only a little bigger depth wise. I drilled two holes in it and slid the pieces in.