Attaching elastic to inside of Knees


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Try scratching it up with high grid sandpaper and then using med temp hot glue. I like it like that because I can remove it!

If your glue is too hot you an melt the vac forming though, if your knees are vac formed, so test on some spare trim.


I used JB Weld on some snaps for my jango Knees. So the femail part of the snap is JB Quik Weld'd in place and the male sides are puched into the elastic with it doubled over on the ends to leave room for you to pinch the elastic and pull upon removal. That way it gives you something sturdy and a little more durable to grab onto on the end of the elastic where the snap is..


I just have velcro on the inside of the knees and then sewed mating velcro onto the elastic straps.


Jr Hunter
I hot glued 2 of those cloth coated elastic hair ties. Cheap as hell, pretty durable. And if you ask your sis/gf/mom/whatever for a couple, odds are you can get some fo free! (unless she's a *****, or doesnt have any or something)

Tempted to add a lil square of velcro above the knee though, just in case.