Armor Progress Pics

Cool looking armor! Nice work so far.
Hey you're from VA Beach eh? I lived in Newport News for about 8 years when I was stationed at Langley. :)
Do you know a little sci-fi shop called Trilogy? I can't remember exactly where it was. It was somewhere on the southside.
Just curious if it's still there.
Thanks for the compliments. There are now 2 Trilogy comic stores, one in Virginia Beach, and the other in Norfolk off of little creek road.

Yeah, Little Creek! That sounds familiar. I didn't get down to southside much, but I used to like going in there and browsing around. They had a pretty good amount of vintage SW stuff. At least back then.
Well back to the drawing board for me! I messed up on the chest symbol and didnt like how it turned out afterwards. So back to sanding and all that good stuff. I will post some pictures once I am back on track!
The armor looks great! :cheers

So you're handpainting the chest symbol? I just got done with painting the background shape, and I can say that I'll be using a decal when I paint my actual armor. :lol:
What I did was Airbrush on the blue circle. Where I messed up was trying to aribrush the white parts. My stencil for that part did not work out right. So I will probably either try making a better stencil for the white, or just hand paint those pieces on.
No, they are not Cheng's. I cant remember the name of the person that did them, I will have to look and see if I have any of the information. I got these boots years ago, just havnt done anything with them yet. But now that I am doing the Boba Project again, I am glad that I kept them.
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