Armor Progress *LOTS of PICS*


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Thought I'd post some pics of my armor. It is all made from sintra. The yellow wasn't added yet because I couldn't find the Zinc Chromate in our town. I have it now and I plan to add it soon. Still need to add a few things(decals, extra weathering, etc.)

Any input/constructive criticism would be great. :)

Chest armor(forgot the slots in the left chest piece:facepalm)
chest armor s2.jpg

Chest armor2.jpg

Outside Chest.jpg

Back armor
Back Up.jpg

Outside Back.jpg

Shoulder armor
Shoulder Outside.jpg

Side Shouler Out.jpg

Knee armor
Outside Knee.jpg

Side Knee.jpg

sorry for the big pics. :facepalm

I don't have the Codpiece/buttplate or Gauntlets yet either.
Will try to get some pics with all the armor on once I get my vest made.

Note-These are not completely finished, I still have some work to do on most all of the armor. Just wanted to see what everyone thought about them so far and to see if I need to change/fix/add something.


Looks good man. Very nice shape and proportion. After you add the Zink if should look awesome and pretty dead on.
Wow, thanks for all the Great responses!! :eek:

Packrat-Thanks man, thats good

RazaKuhn-Thanks. I'm not real sure how the 2 compare. I would think the sintra would be a little more durable but not positive :facepalm.

tteF aboB-Thanks. :)

Boba Freekk-Thanks, I just used a heat gun on the back of the sintra and once it was warm enough just formed it to my body.

Micke-Yeah I couldn't find the color at first, but now that I have it I will be putting it on pretty soon. Thanks.:)

TK-Fett-Wow, thanks. I sure hope it will.:D

Mirax H-Thanks :)

Darth Squeet-Thanks man, And I hope to get The material and pattern real soon(Will definately post pics once its done;))

Defiler-Thanks :)

secol_FETT-Thanks, especially for hosting the pics. :D

Thanks again everyone.
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