Armor Attachment Method: Jewelry Pins with Clutch Backs.

Emperor Fett

Jr Hunter
I think I screwed up the mix. The jewelry pins are on there good but the epoxy doesn’t appear to be 100% hard. Some parts are still soft when I press it and it’s been almost been 24 hours. Can this be fixed?


Active Hunter
Sounds like your mix was too light on the hardener. If it's not set up by now, it probably never will. You probably need to remove them, clean off all the old epoxy and start over.
I used small batches of the 5 minute JB Weld. If you make up a large batch, it will set up before you can use it all...

Juan Solo

New Hunter
Looks absolutely clean and secure. I’m using Velcro for now but, this method looks legitimate! Thank you for sharing your technique!


New Hunter
Looks like a great alternative for velcro/snaps. I've seen most of the folks here using lightweight vac formed armor plates, but do you think this method will work with heavier sintra plates?

John Spendow

New Hunter
Yeah I think it would. My wife is using it on her sintra shoulder plates and it works just fine. We haven’t tried it on a full set of sintra armor but this method is really secure.


The locking pin with the hex head lock have been amazing. Especially when it came to adjusting the armor in the right places. Thanks for the thread.