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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Archibunc0, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Archibunc0

    Archibunc0 New Member

    Hello all, I'm very interested in a boba fett costume! would people be able to give my a rough idea of the costs involved and if you can, help me find places on where to get armour. thanks for your time
  2. pucksdown

    pucksdown New Member

    If you purchases all the pcs you are looking at roughly $2500-3000 for a complete replica costume.

    If you do like I am doing and make/paint a lot of it yourself (3d print),you can save a considerable amount of money.

    To me the biggest investment is time. There is no quick way to do it. I spent nearly 2 months painting my ESB helmet. And I have spent the same amount of time working on my jetpack, 3d printing all of the jetpack pcs, sanding, bondo, primer, sanding, primer etc...

    Helmet Comp.jpg
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  3. GregB

    GregB New Member

    Got mine from OuterRimArmory on Etsy for $130 plus shipping. Great price and great quality. Still working on the rest but I got all the other pieces so far from Facebook marketplace, Ebay and Amazon.
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  4. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Depends how accurate you want to be. Are you going for 501st? Contact Wasted Fett for all your armor and helmet needs.
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  5. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    I'll second Wasted Fett. Also check out the Imperial Outpost Armory sale threads in the cargo hold, this is the continuation of RKD armor (which I have). Contrary to what the other poster said, avoid Ebay, Etsy, any other places like that. There are plenty of people out there who sell cheap armor to unsuspecting people new to the costume- whether it be Fett, TK, Darth Vader, etc. It's only later you find out that the armor is inaccurate and cheaply made and needs to be replaced. It's a common story you'll see on TDH every few weeks.

    I would suggest keeping your eye on the cargo hold forum, you'll find pretty much everything you need there, from helmets and armor, to girth belts, flight suits, shoes, metal pieces, etc. You'll be hard pressed to find someone on TDH who'll steer you wrong.
  6. Bounty1138

    Bounty1138 Active Member

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  7. Builder

    Builder Member

    Considering the time it takes to put together a really good Fett always try to buy the best.
    On the painted parts I suggest start with the small stuff,like the shin tools, do the research and painting
    as you wait for the next parts to come when you can afford them. This will help to find your own working process as parts get larger and more complex.
    Your skill level will increase and your pocketbook won't feel so bad over the time things take.
    I see people buy everything first and the end result suffers because they feel pressed to finish fast when confronted with all the work
    you have to do. Result...wast of money...sloppy work.
    A good Boba can take a couple of years and the helmet painting alone can take as much time as painting the rest of the entire outfit. Let the time improve
    your research and building skills. It's all on TDH.I ended up with four binders on our build and have even added new stuff and
    revisions since. Make it fun...not just work. The time is worth it.
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  8. Archibunc0

    Archibunc0 New Member

    I speak to wasted fett over instagram quite a lot, hes a top guy! also, im 14 so im not looking for 100% movie accurate however one day i am planning to join the 501sst so im doing more research. thanks so much for your reply :D
  9. Archibunc0

    Archibunc0 New Member

    thanks! thats some really good advice!
  10. Archibunc0

    Archibunc0 New Member

  11. Archibunc0

    Archibunc0 New Member

    ok thanks. ive screenshotted some armour and stuff i found on ebay and posted it in a facebook group im in, they said it was all wrong and fim glad i didnt waste £70 on some trash armour
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  12. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Are you Uk based ?
  13. Archibunc0

    Archibunc0 New Member

    Yes I am in the UK :)
  14. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Incoming PM

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