New to TDH? Read this about how much you will spend!


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Ok since about once a week a new member comes in and expects to buy all the parts to a Boba/Jango costume for $100 I thought it would be a good idea to make this thread. I am not trying to discourage new builders but rather inform them so they know what they are getting into and they can get past the "sticker shock" when they ask for parts. Of course you can always find the "great deal" that comes up and get parts for cheaper, and you can always scratch build parts. This is more a list of what to expect to spend if you were to buy parts.

I will not list builders names, and please no one else do that either just to protect the innocent (and the guilty);) And just FYI I don't make any of these peices so don't PM me asking for the $100 set of armor.

So here we go. Head to toe. These are for Boba, jango prices will vary slightly

1.Helmet, anwhere from $100-$300 unpainted in kit form. Paintjobs vary from $200 up. Painted helmets start ususaly around $600
2. Neck seal $30-$60
3. Vest $50-$100
4. Armor $ $100-$300+ unpainted. Paintjobs vary from $100 and up
5. Jumpsuit $100-$250
6. Girthbelts $40-$60 undyed $60-90 dyed
7. Ammo belts $80-$175
8. Belt pouches $20-$40
9. Jet Pack $300-$550 unpainted kit $600-$1000 painted paintjobs $200 up
10. Jet Pack harness, this one not many people make so I don't know
11. Knee armor $50-$100 sometimes included with other armor
12. Shin tools $50-$150 unpainted or painted
13. Boot spats $10-$30
14. Boots $90-$300 the cheap ones are the defect ones from CAboots the expensive are the aftermarket resale on MC or JW boots since neither are still available.
15a. Blaster ROTJ/ESB $75-$1000 the ones for a grand are based on real deactivated webleys
15b. Pre-pro sling gun $75-$150
16. Gloves $50-$150
17. ESB sidearm $90-$140
18. Cape $15-$45
19. Chest display $70-$100
20. Gauntlets(both) $130-$350
21. Toe Spikes $50-$70
22. Wookie Braids $10-$50
23. T-visor $7-$15

Add another $100-$300 on there for accurate paints, glue, snaps random other odds and ends if you are going to do it your self. This is also a good time to point out that that is part of the reason a paint job can cost so much, the paints that were used on the costume aren't cheap.

Again this is just a partial list of what I have seen parts sell for. If I am forgetting anything please feel free to add to it. Good luck and happy building.

Also there are other parts you can add to your costume that you don't have to have such as a voice changer, RC RF controller, metal RF stalk...etc.
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OOps I also forgot to mention that the helmets were for helmets that are movie sized (not the MSH1or2) not the Don posts.


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I also changed your price on gauntlets because I have never seen a set that is available on a steady basis for under 130 if you know someone who does them for 50 please send me a pm


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Ok, Combatbaby's $50 gauntlets exist sort of with an *. The $50 is for the shells only it doens't inlcude any of the resin bits that you would need.

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Ah, they just don't make 'em like they used to.....they now make 'em more movie accurate!!! (and you get what you pay for, that's why all us old timers have upgraded many of our original parts over the years. TDH became a phenomial research database). To bring back some nostalgia from the "old times", check out my original Boba parts back from the late '90s before TDH even existed...

Helmet: Free, given to me by a friend. 95 DP

Armor kit: $315 shipped. This included:
Chest (4 pieces) + Sticker
Shoulder Bells + Sticker
Knees + Resin darts
Shin tools
Jet Pack

That's right, every single "hard armor part" including jet pack for $315 shipped. You can't even buy just the jet pack for that price now-a-days. That stuff was really good quality for it's time, but now with the massive research done by TDHers, there's more movie accurate parts available.

OK, part two: the "Bounty Hunter Ensemble" from a now defunct costume company. Again, it was around $315 shipped for this set:
Ankle Spats
Wookie Scalps
Tan "Saddle bags"

So, those 2 makers made almost every part of my original suit except for shoes, blaster ( $95 resin kit off ebay in 1999 ) girth belt and ammo belt.

I made my own original ammo belt and shoes and upgraded both within the next couple years. Now you can see I made my Boba purchases for everything under $800. But wait! That doesn't include a few hundred dollars more for all the different paints, glues, elastic, industrial velcro, screws/nuts + bolts, aluminum tubing, braided hose, welding visor, and all sorts of other nick nacks to just complete the parts kit you have sitting in front of you. By the time I was "finished" the first time to wear it out, I'm sure it was more like $1,200 or so. By now, I've spent another $600 probably on upgrades, and I'm sure that's normal or even a little low by todays prices to build your own Boba Fett costume.

But on the other hand, you can create your own parts by hand if you're talented in such things and make a good looking Boba costume. I know one local TDHer who built all his "hard parts" by hand out of sintra (yes, including gauntlets and they look darn good) and I believe he said he spent $35 for all the "hard parts" except for the jet pack. You can do it, just depends on how much labor you wish to do and/or what your budget really is.


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I forgot the divers belt. But honstly that one is so random in price I got mine for next to nothing since it came in a group of random diver belt buckles, but I have seen the entire harness thing go for lots. (now I only have to figure out what on earth to do with 6 other random metal diver belt buckles).


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Mr Fett, It sounds like you did your shopping the same place I did many years ago. After pretty much redoing my costume completely over the last year you certainly realise how expencive this hobby can be. But the accuracy of the parts available through TDH now certainly outweighs the cost in my opinion. But like you said, it can all be done on a budget and still turn out some amazing results!

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Might want to add paint.....all the Poly Scale colors / Model Masters will run about $100-$125 to do a complete costume.

Yeah...I had every upgrade, sale, etc. tracking every penny of my ESB, but since lost the info. I do remember being in the $3500+ range................uggh