Anyone else pissed about lack of MC boots??



I made an order this last go around -- has anyone else received theirs? Or have you gotten the same "I need to find a new vendor, I'll give you a delay estimate in a week." then, in one week, the "I'll give you a delay estimate in two weeks..." run around?

Please let me know if you ordered from him this go-around and if you've gotten your boots or not.

One Pissed off gh0stdevil
I haven't received anything yet, but, then again, I was under the impression that we wouldn't be seeing anything until at least January anyway.

Dude, you're going to have to patient for the long haul. I've ordered a pair, I think I got the last set, size 11 :) and I'm just trying to peaceably wait for them to arrive. These can take some time, and while we all can't wait to slip 'em on, it's going to happen.

Custom Fett boots may take longer than you'd like, but once the day arrives, the wait will be forgotten.

Uh, sorry, dude, but when someone says "It will take 3 months." I say "Okay." and when 3 months pass by, I say "Heya, how are those boots going?" and they say "Oh, I haven't done a thing on them, I'm trying to get a new vendor who can make them EVEN MORE ACCURATE! I'll update you in **ONE WEEK**." Then, in one week, I hear nothing, so I write "Heya, what's up with the update? Any news?" and I get "Oh, I'm trying to get a new vendor who can make them EVEN MORE ACCURATE! I'll update you in *TWO WEEKS**." Gee, deja vu. It REALLY seems like I'm getting the run around to delay my bitching that this order is now a month late and with NO END IN SIGHT.

I know they are top notch boots. THAT is why I AGREED to pay for them. But when I get this type of answer, I worry. That's all.
Size 11???? Geez, Rex. Yours are gonna take longer while they make more fabric! Kidding, buddy. I've got lil girly feet :lol: :lol: . Wait....that's not really that funny is it? :( :eek:
I think every run MC has done has had some sort of delay that was out of his hands and people always get freaked out, BUT he has always delivered, as far as I know, including my own. I'm 100% sure you will get them as soon as he can get them to you. :)
You also got to remember, he's mass producing a lot of boots here. An item that is VERY difficult to make. I'm all for trying to keep deadlines, and I'm all for keeping people posted. But, sometimes s**t happens.

He's always delivered, he's staying in contact . . . we're not buying Nike's from Walmart. These are getting custom made for us. I'd love to have had my boots 3 months ago too but . . . I can feel his pain in everything I'm going through getting my gauntlet darts made. :)

Well, guys, I've made plenty of shoes and moccasins for another hobby, and can only say that a large order will take time. It's hard enough when it's just for you, but dealing with alot of different sizes must be even more involved. Maybe "the maker" is having setbacks, maybe he could tell you guys more, maybe it's out of his hands, maybe alot of things. From what I've read in the archives here, he puts out primo stuff. All feedback has been positive. Guess it's a matter of waiting for those great boots. :)
I REALLY have to wonder though, if he's done runs this many times (and I KNOW he's done tons of runs), why is he giving me a totally BUNK ETA on them? Why not say "This one is gonna take a lot longer, maybe 4-5 months." or "Hey, my 3 months are up, but I will need one more."

I can't even get the guy to tell me what the true delay is going to be! That's all I want!!

That's an honest request alright. But it doesn't look like you're the onliest one. I'm sure it'll all work out. Sounds like he said it'd be at least January anyway. I wish I would have ordered some too. Then I'd be waiting along with you. Sadly, I didn't have the play money then either. :(
I just want to clear things up so it doesn't look like I'm being impatient here.

I ordered in SEPTEMBER (the beginning of the month) with the 3 month quote. So my boots should have been to me by the beginning of DECEMBER. I asked him about it on the exact 3 month date, and it's now the end of the month with no answers...other people may have been quoted January, but not me.


Trust me, MC will deliver as promised. I have a pair of his boots and DAMN are they sweet!!! Trust me, just be patient and give him a chance to get back to you. Trust me, these things are sooo worth waiting for...just ask anyone who has them.

I had a chance to check them out at C2. Long before he decided to do one last run. Needless to say I wet my pants when the opportunity arouse. I received an email maybe two or three weeks ago from him and he was expecting a month or so delay (maybe more). His original boot maker relocated. Remember its been some time I guess since hes done this boot. And he was finishing up the details with the new maker. Yes it would be nice to have them now, to hold, admire and droll over. But wait patiently I will just as I did for my MB stuff. And worth the wait it will be. It amazes me how people are so quick to bash and get their undies in a bind about the people who are helping us create our childhood dream (or at least those my age that have comented on past threads).
Undies in a bind? What pisses me off is that on boards like this (and the RPF) one person makes ONE sale and takes a little too long, and 18 million people jump all over them. THEN, a known dealer of boots takes an entire MONTH to say he can't give me an estimate on the delay, and everyone's like "Gee, but the product is sooo good."

Can you spell "D-O-U-B-L-E S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D"???
can u say "CHENG HAS A NORMAL LIFE AS WELL?", everyone on this board, that im aware of have a normal working life as well, he has to do this in his free time, and u should stop pissin and moanin. He WILL get them here...and i know everyone is sayin this, but HE HAS ALWAYS DELIVERED!!! and when it gets to you, u will be very happy...
For someone who uses "u" instead of you, your words ring hollow.

I never forced a delivery date on him -- HE GAVE IT TO ME. If you can't meet a delivery date, DON'T GIVE ONE.

And if you're going to simply tell me "Don't werry, he will delivur. Ur just too impashunt." ... well, dont.

If your "normal life" (which, yes, I realize everyone has) is too busy to deliver items on time, either STOP doing these runs, or be more realistic with the estimate delivery date.

Oh, and Mark has contacted me and we're working things out, so as much as I'd love to solicit more of these wonderful "U R being 2 impatient" posts, don't bother anymore. =)
Somehow by your last statement, I guess you're over it then?? I've been waiting too....for two pairs, but Mark has a, great...history here with these boots, so I really don't mind waiting longer than usual, whatever 'usual' is. Im just happy I was able to get an order in this round.....THANKS MARK!!!
Does any one know if MC does fett boot runs Periodically, or is this latest run that you guys are waiting for his very very last boot run "forever"..... I hope not or Im gonna have to pay an arm and a leg to get a pair for myself.........
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