any way to......??


Active Hunter there any method to re-shape a fiberglass helmet??.....or are they just locked forever in that shape?.......i got a fiberglass 97 recast that has an odd shape, ......its very heavily constructed, and very sold......i am finishing it for a display dummy, and would like to know if there is any way to re-shape it besides bondo , ect.......can it be heated?
Unfortunately it's pretty much stuck that way. Even though it is resin, the layers of glass cloth would begin to seperate if you would try to heat it and reshape it. I had made a pair of knees that were too small, I tried to heat them and widen them a bit ... didn't work, they just got burnt and splintered when I tried it. I wouldn't risk a helmet though ..... Bondo sounds like a good idea, you can always sand it off, but if you mess up trying to reshape the helmet, you may need to reglass some sections.
What type of resin was used? I have reshaped a helmet that was made from a 2 part resin(not polyester) by boiling water and sticking it in there, kind of like what you do with sintra, then shaped it and cooled it with cold water. I haven't tried with polyester resin or gelcoated though so I don't know if that would work.
its most definatly not gelcoated ......looks like a raw glass pull of a warped , dammaged 97 post....

** note ......i've had this for a long time, just got around to working on it ......had 4 others in line before it...
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