Ankle spats to CA-boots durable attachment...


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some of you might actually like this idea...

well since I'm goin from ESB to ROTJ I needed some ankle spats.

made this myself, was terrible getting them black thingies sewn right.

I finished the spats first (so sewinf and dying) and then attached them to the boots... now I need a nice pair of spikes...

attachment shown.JPG

attachment shown 2.JPG

velcro closure.JPG

ankle spats.JPG
:D thnx!! was quit easy to do, just rubbing on some colours and spraying some mist layers of brown, grey and black.
I only have acces to spray cans, as air brush is so bloody expansive... one of those compressed air tanks alone is about 100 dollars so nah...

spray cans will do!

just test some to see if the cans of the brand your using splatter or not, as that tends to look a little ugly.

Tamiya has excellent cans, giving a nice smooth fog over your stuff, but for something as "crued" as your jumpsuit, normal spray cans from the brand of your local hardware store will suffice.
Are the spats really attached at the boots on the screen used costume or more likely at the bottom of the jumpsuit? I really don't know.
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