An idea and a question (of sorts)...

Ceric Neesh

Okay, I'm working on a helmet. And by "working", I mean "I'm coming up with ideas and money, and looking for a good one". Anyway, I was thinking about making a "Mandalorian Pilot" and using a BMX helmet as the base for it, and ending up with something resembling the Ep. III pilot helmet, just with the entire face covered by a wide visor (For better visibility and all). I'd probably use this one when going to semi-local events, because I could just wear it when I ride my motorcycle and still have decent visibility, instead of having to secure a second helmet to the back of the bike.

Second, I was wondering what a good source for Jango-style (no dent) buckets was. I'm not too worried about money (Live with my parents and work two jobs, plus no significant other to spoil), so I'm looking for something that's high-quality. I plan on adding areators to the front of it, as well as a couple of other things, so I'd certainly prefer that it be able to tolerate that kind of work fairly well.

Anyway, any feedback on either of these ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time into the world of making something myself, and I don't want to screw it up.


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Have to agree with Cylrul on this. Probably not the safest thing =D

For helmets, I'd contact Bobamaker. He will make a non-dented helmet for no price difference, and his buckets are top notch. He's the only person I'd ever get another helmet from (not bashing other artists work at all. BM kept very good communications, time table was spot on, and his work is impeccable.)

Anyhow, welcome to TDH.

Ceric Neesh

Well, I was really thinking mainly of just adding a t-visor and cheekplates to a standard BMX helmet, and probably a mike-speaker system at some point, although volume isn't much of a problem with them. I've already got the helmet, and I've worn it around a bit, and there's no problems with air movement or ventilation with it, even with a face-shield on it. Overall, with only a couple hours of work, minus paint, it's already turning into a fairly promising Mandalorian Pilot helm, and I haven't even had to take any of the padding or anything out of it for the faceplate. I'll put pics up when I finish it, but right now, my camera's dead, and probably will be until I finish the helmet, because only then will I have extra money to spend on fixing the camera.