Ammo Pouch Stencil?

this is from BYOBF site hope this helps.

go to , then costuming tips, then boba fett, them ammo belt ( or something like that) and there is a pouch pattern. if you go to the other guys way of doing the pouches on that site, there is an even better pattern with a place to slide a belt through.

if this made no sense, let me know and i will put it in better words.
Thanks, I found it. What kind of leather do you suggest? And Im no good at sewing, can this be glued together and still look good?
I bought a yard of vinyl from a fabric store, cut it out using a pattern that I made (didn't know about the one at Obi-Wan's), and glued it together using Aleene's fabric glue from Walmart (craft section). I used foamcore as a "skeleton" to give the vinyl shape and make it sturdier. Then I used the same fabric glue to attach industrial Velcro to the underside of the flaps and to the front pieces of the pouches.

I can't sew worth crap either, but I sewed "decorative stitching" around the edges of the flaps. It's totally non-functional, but it gives an illusion. I'm just telling myself that Fett probably couldn't sew that well either, and that he made these himself (yeah, he'd probably commission someone to make them FOR him, but that's not MY story). ;)

Is there anyone here who could host some pics of my ammo belt for this thread? I did my Boba Fett ammo pouches out of vinyl, and I think they turned out pretty good for a first try. I'll explain them more if I can get the pics hosted. Thanks!
FettHunter, Nice job!

I made mine with project boxes from Radio Shack and vinyl. The boxes give the boxes a little shape, but the same line as yours.
Im thinking of taking little plastic boxes, maybe pencil boxes and just gluing the vinyl right to that, that way its functional and keeps it's shape forever.
I made my pouches out of metal (they are REALLY heavy), then covered them with vinyl. bfett81 and MB are the only ones who have seen the pics. If someone wouldn't mind hosting them, I'd love to know what everyone else thinks about them.
PK: Foamcore is available at almost any craft store. I happened to buy mine at Office Depot in the "presentations" section (where the easels and projectors are). I bought 3 huge sheets (30" X 40" I think) of it in a pack for about $13.00. I probably used about $1.00 worth of it for the pouches.

I probably used $2.50 worth of my vinyl making the pouches. I could have bought cheaper vinyl than $5.00/yard, but I liked the way this vinyl looked.

I'd say I did all 8 pouches, minus the belt, for under, or right at, $5.00.

Jedi-Bob: Thanks for the compliment! The guys at Radio Shack know me by name! (I'm NOT a geek! well, ok... MAYBE I am... a LITTLE)... ;) I never considered using project boxes. They're more durable than foamcore, but hopefully mine won't have to endure anything too drastic. :)
Gah, I went to Wal Mart and Hobby Lobby and couldnt find any vinyl, so I'm just going to use some brown foam sheets for now, temporary belt.
you can buy vinyl at any fabric store, or should, i have three by me and all three carry it in different colors. :wacko
I just got back from a vacation in florida and while there, I was at a flea market where I found some glasses cases. I got all 8 for $15. They are about twice as tall as the real pouches, so I'm gonna change them a little. THey are a perfect width, a great color, and functional though.
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