Aluminum Backing plates for Flamethrower


Glad to hear these are arriving!!!

Just settling in at home now with the new baby. On august 31st we had a boy. Mom and baby are doing great. Feels great to be a dad! Last night as I was changing him I saw a pair of his little shoes that are grey and black..and I thought to myself...those would make good baby fett boots. Now I know I have problems. :)


Received mine today, thanks!

Congratulations on the new addition! You're pretty talented around aluminum, but if you do turn jr's black and grey shoes into little Fett boots, maybe skip the toe spikes part.

Thanks again!



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OK I have been eye balling and racking my brain on this thread for the past few weeks. I have to ask b/c im going crazy, what the heck is a backing plate for? Where dose it go? Any pic's?


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ST52, here's a shot of it. It's the funny shaped flat piece of metal under the ESB flamethrower. It's between the flamethrower and the gauntlet.


ESB flame_t.jpg
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