Aluminum Backing plates for Flamethrower


Is this offer still available. If you can add me to the list that will be great!.
I will sent payment tomorrow. Thanks!:)

Yup still going....I'll give it a few more days to get to 20 before closing it. I would just leave it, but with baby coming any day I'd like to wrap it up quickly.



Just wanna give you all a heads up. i sent the first batch august 20th. I just sent the second batch and there was a slight change. As of August 21st (due to recent terrorist threats) the small envelopes have to be considered small packages and I had to declare the contents of each one. It was a bit of paperwork...but it left me wondering what will happen with the items i sent the DAY BEFORE this change took place.

I am assuming the postal sytem will have enough intelligence to realize that items sent prior to the change should be shipped properly...but you never know.

I just wanted to give ppl a heads up, and would appreciate if ppl in the US would post when they recieve their plates so we can put our minds at ease.

Damn terrorists!



Glad to hear it arrived!!!

I did a rough cleanup with a file, but if you took some time with a smaller file they should look pretty good! I'd be afraid to use a bench grinder as it would grind too fast.
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