All Metal Boba Fett ROTJ Hero Level 2 Build PIC HEAVY


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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but have been a member of various cosplay forums. I am going to begin an All Metal Boba Fett ROTJ Hero build with hopes of a 501st Level 2 Certification. My plan is to start with the base of the outfit: The soft parts like the flight suit and what not. During this time I will be purchasing the necessary components that I find as I go.

Parts found and ordered so far:
1. Working Casio MQ-1 Calculator
s-l1600 (1).jpg

2. US Army Half Shelter Olive

I would also like to show you some of my prop/project history. I have a machine shop so this project should be a wee bit easier :) I also have a website

All metal Boba build site

Halo themed bike and Master Chief Helmet

Jurassic Park Barbasol Can

Jack Sparrow's Snake Belt

William Wallace's Baldric from Braveheart

Will be updating soon my progress!


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While I wait to hear back from Arkady about a possible flight suit, I am going to start designing metal parts. The jet pack looks to be the hardest so I am starting there. I found Wizard of Flight's template and I am converting it into sketches on a 3D modelling software that I can plug into the CNC plasma cutter and hopefully have some awesome parts. Here is the first part I wanted to play with. Still working on the angles of course.
Screenshot (8).png


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So this is proving to be super difficult. Because I am tracing it in the 3d modelling software, the angles are off, measurements incorrect, etc. Assembling it on the laptop is proving to be difficult.

Screenshot (10).png


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:grumbles: So I did that thing. You know, that thing where you find something and get so excited because you haven't found any but you found one and impulse bought it? Yea. I bought a Casio MQ-2......2! Not 1....2! Ugh. I'll have to modify it for my needs.



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